V- Day

February 15, 2007

I officially hate Valentines day more than anything else on this planet.


January 30, 2007

Is it really all that bad to think about other girls? I’m personally not in a relationship right now, so it’s pretty much open to me, but other guys get in a lot of heat for that. So what? It’s nto like they’re commiting adultery. Plus, as long as the thoughts are kept tasteful, I don’t see the problem. Sometimes those kind of things hppen. It’s hard to find one person you want to spend the rest of your life with in this big world. So ladies, don’t get pissed at the drop of a hat. Shit, as the saying goes, happens.

For Greg…

January 15, 2007

adverts: TV commercials
afternoon tea: light meal of finger-foods and tea served between lunch and dinner
arse: rear end, butt
aubergine: eggplant
banger: sausage
bach: small holiday home (see crib)
baby blue: ending of a sentence, like “Sorry charlie”
bed sitter: sleeper sofa
big bickies: lots of money
biscuit: cookie
bludge: to live off the generosity of others, to sponge
bolshie: extreme radical
bonk: to have sex with
bonnet: car hood
boot: car trunk
bomb: (referring to car) very old car in disrepair
box: cup (device for protecting male genetalia)
box of birds: cheerful, happy, very good
bugger all: not much, very little
buggered: exhausted
bum: rear end, butt
bum-bag: fanny pack (pouch worn around the waist)
bun-fight: social gathering with food
bush: forest
bust a gut: make an intense effort
candyfloss: cottoncandy
capsicum: bell pepper
car park: parking lot
caravan: trailer, mobile home
carked it: died, kicked the bucket
caustic soda: lye
cellotape: scotch tape
chat-up: flirt, try pick-up lines on someone you “fancy”
cheeky: sassy, impish, insolent or impudent
cheers: good-bye; thank-you
chemist: pharmacy
chilly bin: portable insulated cooler
chips: French fries
chippy: carpenter
choc-a-block-full: very full
choice: very good
chook: chicken
chrissy: Christmas
chuffed: pleased
chunder: to vomit
collywobbles: upset stomach
cor blimey: exclamation of disbelief, derived from “God blind me”
corker: very good
cornflour: cornstarch
cotton buds: Q-tips
cracker: very good
crib: small holiday home (see bach)
crisps: potato chips
dairy: convenience store
ding: a small car accident (fender-bender)
does me up a treat: suits me just fine
dole: unemployment benefit; state funded income support
draughts: checkers
dreaded lurgy: imaginary disease used as an excuse to get out of doing something
dressing gown: bathrobe
dummy: pacifier
duvet: quilt
Eketahuna: the archetypal small country city lacking amenities and which no one is expected to know anything about, similar to “timbuktu”. This town does exist.
entree: appetizer or hors d’oeurve
fancy: to find attractive, to have a romantic interest in someone
fanny: male or female private parts
fizzy: soda pop
flannel: wash cloth
flash: sensational
flat: apartment
French letter: condom
frenchie: condom
fringe: bangs
get off the grass: exclamation of disbelief; equivalent to “stop pulling my leg” and “no way”
going bush: to drop out of society or become reclusive
Good on ya, mate!: congratulations
guts for garters: in big trouble
Gumboots: large rubber overshoes ranging from calf to knee height. These are usually black, although little children may wear colourful ones. Together with shorts and a black singlet, gumboots constitute the quintesential kiwi-joker or farmer’s outfit.
high dudgeon: feeling of deep disgust or irritability
hokey pokey: ‘sea foam’ candy covered in chocolate
holiday: vacation
home and hosed: safe, completed successfully
hoon: gang member, a rough person
hottie: hot water bottle
ice block: popsicle
jandal: thongs, flip-flops, slippers
Jeeze, Wayne!: exclamation, said to someone regarded as acting or speaking foolishly
jersey: sweater
joker: man
judder bar: speed bump
Kiwi: New Zealander
kiwi: an endangered flightless bird native to New Zealand
kiwifruit: kiwi (formerly known as Chinese gooseberry)
kia ora: Maori for hello
Knickers: underpants, bloomers, shorts, more generally, pants.
don’t get your knickers in a twist: don’t get upset (also – don’t get your tits in a tangle)
kornies: Kellogs cornflakes
ladies/gentlemen a plate please: bring a food dish that can be shared with others
lemonade: clear soda (7Up)
lift: elevator
lolly: candy
loo: bathroom
lorry: truck
main: primary dish of a meal
Maori: indigenous people of New Zealand
mate: buddy, pal
metal: gravel used on country roads (e.g. a metal road)
mobile: cell phone
money for jam: easy money
motorway: freeway
mudguard: fender
nappy: diaper
netball: game somewhat similar to basketball
pakeha: non-Maori person
panel beater: auto body shop
petrol: gasoline
piece-of-piss: easy
pike out: to give up when the going gets tough
pikelet: small pancake often served with jam and whipped cream
piker: one who gives up easily (see pike-out)
pissed: drunk, inebriated
pissed-off: angry
pissing-down: raining hard
piss-up: social gathering with alcohol
plonked: drunk
PMT (Post Menstrual Tension): PMS
power cut: outage
postal code: zip code
pottle: small container
pram: baby carriage, stroller
prang: car dent
pub: bar
push bike: bicycle
quencher: ice cream bar
quite nice: very good, exceptional (pronounced “quoite noice”)
rack off: go away (angry)
randy: horny, feeling sexual impulses
ratbag: scally-wag, somewhat annoying person
rattle your dags: hurry up, from the sound that sheep make when running, caused by the striking together of dried feces stuck to the fur near the tail
ring: phone/call
rockmelon: cantaloupe
Rogernomics: (derogatory) radical free enterprise economic policies introduced by Roger Douglas, a Labour Government Minister of Finance
rubber: eraser
scone: a small cake of shortened bread raised with baking powder or soda
shandy: drink made with lemonade and beer
Sheila: woman (outdated expression)
skiting: bragging
skull: drink beer rapidly
smoko: break, rest period
snarky: mixture of sarcastic and nasty
spew: to throw up
spotcha (later): see you later
sprog: a child, to give birth
sticking plaster: band-aid
stirrer: trouble-maker, agitator
strewth: honestly, from “God’s truth”
swede: rutabaga
stubby: small bottle of beer
supper: late evening coffee/desserts
suss: to figure out
ta: Thanks
take the piss: to ridicule
tasty cheese: sharp cheddar cheese
tea: dinner – generic name for evening meal
tea towel: dish rag
tiki tour: roundabout way to get somewhere; scenic tour
tinkle-tank: toilet
tinned goods: canned goods
the tip: the dump
trad: rigidly traditional
tracksuit: sweats
tramping: hiking
togs: swimsuit
tomato sauce: catsup
torch: flashlight
tyre: tire
unwaged: unemployed
Waikikamukau: the essence of hickdom (pronounced “Why kick a moo cow”). A mythical town so remote it makes Eketahuna look like a metropolis.
Wally: incompetent person, loser
wardrobe: clothes closet
wharfie: longshoreman
whinge: complain
wing: fender
wobbly (throw a wobbly): become angry, have a fit
wobbly-pop: beer
WOF (Warrant of Fitness): car inspection
wonky: crooked
wop-wops: out of the way location
wuckas (no wuckas): no worries
yonks: forever, a long time ago
zed: z

January 11, 2007

No, I do not need to say anymore.

New Blogsite

January 10, 2007

I just decided to move to wordpress because it is on a more global scale and it looks better, too. It’s completely free, so come on over, all you xanga people!